Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Maybe Gays Should Get a Palestine

Oh you genies
Oh you tricksters backwards in a book
Oh you beautiful bolshie brutes!
Sledgehammers in the streets!

Liquidate the threat.
Such a chemical word
for sadistic masturbatorium.
The final solution 
it now seems, 
shall be the common enemy,
one not of race nor color hue of skin
nor even on a map
an enemy of nature 
AND of state
One every sinner knows is sin.

Soldiers raping male civilians 
are somehow not considered gay.
It is a weapon you see.
And bashing bashing bashing down
frail boys against the steel
Betrayal of the pajamastripes starred
pink and pointing down,
maybe only half the Star
but the King descending 
into matters now at hand.


Had we only known.
The not speaking kind of Love.
Hemisphere of marriage,
Hemisphere in hideous hate,
League athletic and musty locker room innate,
Sovereign upon sovereign 
they melt away the value
they melt away the identity,
all powers do they dissipate.

At the End of time,
It is the homosexual
that wins God's ravaged heart.
Every day the Sun
it comes up, 
but more in conversation
than truly overhead.
Brand them all legal animal!
Run them down in streets!
Subordinate dogs   
Murdered for some higher cause.
As if Noah's Ark a disco cruise 
if slaughter not reduce the threat
of Nancy on the loose.

Does the mob see the penis in my mouth?
Will I too these museums get?
Is it the End? 

Yes, but of the Word. 
The worLd will soon be split in two.

Those denying depth charge Soul 
for later and use words that kill are rightly now in Hell, 
they shall miss the 'bus' for seeing 'sub' 
and get trapped forever as cybernetic Archonology ... 
to know no other planes nor solice of expansion, 
no dimensions delimited but by decimal
disintegrated in the ever recompiling code.

And those of us bleeding... 
woefully and without relief of coagulation 
for the lazy cardiac arrests stabbing for our earthly blood, 
and not really for putting any magic wands in our mouths 
or up one way streets at all, 
on Heaven's sacred heart shall we be ambulanced away, 
pulled away amid the roaring wind 
by gorgeous muscled men a million times the more GQ...

A Man and a Plan. 

It is reserve power Heaven saved 
for times of unexpected End. 
All those who turn from God
becuase of spatula
and not the soup that's served.


The gays, they knew.
Shaman. True.
Two souls one. 
of the living Word to come.
Diva to Divine.
Angel barefoot on my headboard.
Male, prototype of Temple, mighty broadshoulder wings 
yet with beauty women hold to Men as below 

Chiseled models of the true prolific Architect 
all Masonic monoliths erect on to.
The Lord is thus aroused, so go on hate some more. 

We who love despite the course say no 
have undergrained a Pearl, 
have been programmed only to love, 
to cry and take in feelings men let Violence take instead, 
and thus reveal true light for Knights bestowed 
to find Him in glory as he conquers Love 
and sets them to New Eden, Fifth House,
wingless, wedded, and Provident in Joy.


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