Thursday, June 06, 2019

Fear and Clothing

#PrideMonth story:

My college friends may remember this. When we were gay activists for change on campus we got recognition and an office in the #URI Memorial Union.

Granted, they put us in a closet at the end of a long hallway outside the Commuter Lounge. Next to our mocking closet office was the door to a large all-purpose room.

That room was used by #Muslim students for Friday Prayers. Remember friends? I won't tag you here, but nod silently or acknowledge your heart otherwise.

Thing is, each and every Muslim student who passed us in that hallway looked us directly in the eye, smiled gently, and wished peace on us. They knew full well what #URIGayTaskForce was.

Know who was hateful?

That's right. White Christian dudes. Girls too! They would shout obscenities and death wishes down the echoing hall as they hurried pass to huddle in safe number on the dirty lounge couches.

Not bowing to God together in prayer like right next door.

So, I don't need a video to tell me who truly has love and peace and prayer in their hearts.  I remember personally from experience the radiance of universal warmth added to my own fearful cold one. I grew.

And will never forget it.

Link to video

#Islamophobia #LGBT #Namaste

Monday, September 17, 2018

Dance Godammit

So good blasting this song on the rainy porch during Hurricane Florence. Bobby is making breakfast and it's smelling like youth and home and New World ahead.

The shelter of storms regenerates.

I remember friends in college and elsewhere understanding what this song REALLY meant ("like at the factory") and danced with anger and intensity at it stomping around gothy pinned in pulse light when we went clubbing about in our beat up cars.

"The truth has become only half truth."

Nowadays I am called edgy (and gasp yes para-more) though not a Dolt 45 fan for oddly a Hillary lens not had. But I'll tell you what. I gots sweet maple syrup Sunday. I gots a hubbie stamped downtown, and family all around. Friends who came from afar like birds in a Disney cartoon to share love and magic at a golf cart wedding on an Island of rain.

"Some great reward," indeed.

Stay true my friends. You had it once. Remember how you danced in rain too.


Sunday, June 11, 2017

Frosts My Cookie

So all this "pride."

I will always say no, I am NOT proud to be gay. "Pride parades" to me always focused on the wrong thing. Nonetheless, I will hoist every rainbow though!

Because I AM proud of something.

Facing amazing odds to not lie to myself and loved ones around me as to who I truly am. Not what. Who.
So I am proud of me, cupcakes. Not the icing on.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Leather and Dunnim

Sincerely held belief my ass.

Used to be called faith, and sure as shit I don't hinder you that. You practice all you want but stop isolating me.

You saying ALL this bouncy hut world is where you practice? Methinks protests.

You want to bear a cross sweetie, well in every state The Eagle's quite the bar.

Saturday, January 28, 2017


You can't just make a law to shun people who aren't Amish. So... you can't make a law to shun people who aren't Christian either. This is a Secular country in its Constitution, Articles of fact in museum.

Belief is not practice.

Our rings do not shackle your praying hands.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Clerk Judy

Yesterday a judge threw out the case in NC against SB2 ... Magistrates refusing gay or interracial couples marriage licence on religious freedom grounds.

Of which there are none. You go to church on Sunday and the government does not stop you. That's religious freedom.

They sign an oath to uphold Law on paper, not people or person. "By the power invested" is drawn from a collective agreement of the People promised equally to all citizens a legal license if they qualify by Law.

That is their ONLY power... to execute agreement of parties before Constitution and Law not personal belief.

If they have a problem doing their service their issue is with the big Doco telling them to do it not the people wanting equal access to the tax supported service across countertop.

That is a civic process to change that not a personal whimsy some worker!

The interacial and two gay couples so far denied justice should be offered tax discounts and damages no service as promised. The magistrates 6 months without pay, not banned from one task.

Church tricked you America into thinking its people are State when they serve government in roles!

On your own time not mine! That's your belief. Not in your job description.

It's the county who refuses by not meeting test of Law, not Mrs. Jones before her coffee break at Town Hall using sinner as a legal word.

The IRONY and INJURY to all citizens that Judge makes judge paid salary clerk down the hall. For just a few not liked by a person but totally eligible otherwise
by law.

Or, legalized bigotry.

And paying that pious clerk too.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Dedicated to Stone Wall

When the President says "used to be considered illegal and even mentally ill," you will profoundly note the use of PAST TENSE. That's because in both cases it is. So, we're cruising in stone.

On the lawbooks for the first one not 100% but it is time, ring and soon done.

On the sickness, Science has weighed in on that as round a globe is to disk Son fixed. But I see you still have OPINION there.

That's the problem with doors (words).

When you make them, know when you need them open or closed. Tired of the 'sick' and 'things you do' and hypocrisy wazoo Periodic Table jumped for a rainbow in the park.

What does Science say?

"That bitch."

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

Well, well. Today the US Justice Department said governor Wigsly was WRONG on SB 2 and there goes the village money to raise a child. 

Not money flushed down toilet cuz of toilets. But cuz of intentional discrimination writ Law.

Added a word they did. That's no cold bathroom floor that's juris pissance on intent:

NC had the audacity to further DISCRIMINATE on the word "sex" in every law to date by inserting the qualifier "biological." And ensured no acronym words for gays evermore too. A hate template if you will.

So it's about the words not the turds and I don't wanna hear ya cry poor, NC. You dangled the caret and dropped in a bomb.

Monday, September 07, 2015

Stop lying Jesus Don't Like That

No one redefined marriage.

There is no new law; interpreting law is not activism.

The Supreme court said the14th Amendment applies to same sex couples applying for a civic marriage license, for which fee will now be equally collected.

Checkbox spouse legal like all. Not hand writ over any God.