Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Bigotry is not Exercise

"A letter from Lee to the Christians" ... in response to "anti-gay legislation" curtailing freedoms guaranteed to my family under Law.

I vent my anger in words, as you know. And pretty cool sarcasm to slice through huskminds with blinders on I might add - but this anger has to be addressed. My humanity is being toyed with. How would you feel?

We are in the middle of a war and nobody sees it. So... read on if you want, or scroll on by. Not sure it will change anything but you might just take away some good points for the water cooler.

Your religious 'LIBERTIES' are not under attack.

Religious liberties?

Yeah... those are right next to my 'LifeS,' no-cost 'speechES' and 'pursuitS' of happinessES, yes, Liberty with an "s" ... nice trick. Presto! You and the media TOTALLY made that up! Like we have six or seven Statues of Liberties cancanning in New York Harbor.

I am flabbergasted and ashamed of my supposedly civilized representation in government drafting language that says "If you like God though let them rot in the road those gay folk." You can't do that. It's cultist behavior at a minimum and Sharia Law at worse.

CHURCH is NOT your occupation! You are pretending beliefs are exercise and that is not the same thing. Stop it ... STOP IT. You need to WAKE UP before you have no rights at all. Right now it's word tricks with media backing. Wait until it gets UGLY.

In a free Republic we do not enact legislation to BAN. We maintain instead a list of rights. See how that works? We keep the Law tight to describe Liberty and movement - rights and privileges - most of all America is Unified BY DEFINITION against tyranny in the form of these United States. Guess we blew that one.

Laws are in Sections and subsections.
You won't find any "Verse."

I dare you to do a Lexis/Nexis or Westlaw search for that word "SIN." Go ahead, try the Uniform Code too. Tort anyone? Ask any lawyer who ever passed the Bar if he had to know Leviticus as well. Hmmmm. Not there?

The ENTIRE IDEA of the Constitution/Bill of Rights is to curb government from usurping your natural, self-evident rights. You are in fact Sovereign, not the USA Corporation and Holding LLC. American YOU. Freemen.

So, what on earth do you want with some NEW LAW? One applying to pansies only? Let's see if I can find one on pigskin footballs, polygamy, jail/death for long hair, adulterous wives stoned to death and murder murder blood baby heads on rocks, stuff like that - ALSO in your verses. Why the hell are you SO HOT FOR HOMO when all that is there as well?

Meh - it's the fags. I am so tired of the gays. GAY GAY GAY.

Hate to break it to you, but we're the scapegoat, Billy. Bahhhhh. Look it's easy. I AM NOT AN ACT. You are the perv there, not me. I AM A CITIZEN. I go grocery shopping and walk the dogs. Start looking at your own plight and let me be. You gots ISSUES.

it's right there ALREADY folks.

That's because the Deist (not Christian - you're thinking Plymouth and got Peter for a different Rock) white apron wigheads of 1776 knew what was to come - so literally, Amendment number one right out of the box was against exactly what's happening now. And you do NOTHING?

Every new Act out there "banning gays" BREAKS THIS GREAT NATION'S LAWS. The First Amendment is just such in a proceeding Bill of rights... YOURS. It reads quite clearly that Congress can make no law respecting AN ESTABLISHMENT OF RELIGION or prohibiting the FREE EXERCISE THEREOF. That's some good wording. "an" versus "any" and "fre exercise." Good stuff these Quill pens.

It's Government that's blocked from acting. Yet they are enacting. So they break the law. ARREST THE GAYBAN SENATORS TODAY.

But I don't have to see the gay (as human).
My religion says they are BAD and I shouldn't have to .. ugh

It doesn't matter a hair what your religion says. I'm here to tell you I AM NO GHOST. Ta da! We're real folks! Go hate me over there, but not on my Parchment thanks.

And don't you go telling me refusing services to Adam and Steve is such exercise of said religion. NO, that's called BIGOTRY. Exercise is worship in a pew. Robes and smoke and sometimes snakes. Singing and shit. Prayer. Potlucks. It ain't, sure as HELL PEOPLE, profit and loss.

Obamacare is CIVIC space. To every citizen, EQUAL HEALTH. If you provide service, and said citizen is covered under the Plan... pray later in the Chapel but meanwhile, bandage me the f*&^ up. You can let me bleed out in the pews if you want but not in Public.

If you pay taxes you better see me as citizen. Otherwise it's surely Caine.

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