Friday, June 26, 2015

Group Hug

They said never would come the day. My Facebook post today:

Status update: LEGALLY LEGIT

It was never about wordsmithing marriage. It was about the legal entity of us recognized so stately; my "partner" of over 25 years from coast to coast can now be called a spouse, and each entitled -- as family no more checking a "single" lie, the inheritance of house.

And home.

All the people we've had in! The ones built back walls when ours were down. Everyone loved to be around. Family yes, but how we needed pen.

Congrats Bobby Durand the day has come. The people weeping today, we know why.

Group hug.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Bash Shall Set You Free

On the recent story of thugs torturing a gay man... carving his skin like animals:

Nobody ever brings up the Holocaust. Well, some.

But weren't we also freed, the badged and beaten, murdered and equally concentrated to death camp?

Why does the Camp go on? It's a valid point.  Like the way half a star does down, pink.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Op-Ed Friday F*ck It

There is no such thing as a plural "religious liberties."

The word you need here is "freedom," singular. There is only ONE liberty... and like one justice and one pursuit of happiness, EQUALLY for ALL.

Just one Lady holds a torch aloft in NY harbor, not several ladies of Liberty and a multitude of different flames. That would be a mob. Which is figuratively now pitchforked outside my loving home.

The Supreme Law of the Land puts the burden on Government to not pass any law respecting a religion; in other words anyone is free to PRACTICE HIS RELIGION without interference of civic law. Not the other way around.

Sweet Tea is opposity apparently.

Do not let the devisive trick of political Party just make shit up and have you root along. Do not be idiot. I doubt dear Magistrates lead congregations over the Keurig in the licenses and deeds department of my taxdollar paid building. Put your thumb on the Psalm you left off on, stamp my application, and take my godamn fee.

You processing my little form does not impede your practice of religion. Aligning with its tenets is irrelevant to your sworn Oath of Duty to ALL citizens.

The break is over, get back to work.

Hey! I have deep religious beliefs about murder of innocents on my tax dollars, working hard just to have cable and fund lie writers and spies, secret eyes all miltary black ops ledger denied in an open Democracy. Gadzillions for an alphabet soup of acronymed agency staffed to the brim with prickless Mensa machines hellbent on quotient and hollow of humanity.

Yeah that frosts my convictions alright.

Hey NC assembly, where's my freakin' protection law to not have to pay taxes for that shit, and more importantly bow-tie, YOU?