Thursday, June 06, 2019

Fear and Clothing

#PrideMonth story:

My college friends may remember this. When we were gay activists for change on campus we got recognition and an office in the #URI Memorial Union.

Granted, they put us in a closet at the end of a long hallway outside the Commuter Lounge. Next to our mocking closet office was the door to a large all-purpose room.

That room was used by #Muslim students for Friday Prayers. Remember friends? I won't tag you here, but nod silently or acknowledge your heart otherwise.

Thing is, each and every Muslim student who passed us in that hallway looked us directly in the eye, smiled gently, and wished peace on us. They knew full well what #URIGayTaskForce was.

Know who was hateful?

That's right. White Christian dudes. Girls too! They would shout obscenities and death wishes down the echoing hall as they hurried pass to huddle in safe number on the dirty lounge couches.

Not bowing to God together in prayer like right next door.

So, I don't need a video to tell me who truly has love and peace and prayer in their hearts.  I remember personally from experience the radiance of universal warmth added to my own fearful cold one. I grew.

And will never forget it.

Link to video

#Islamophobia #LGBT #Namaste