Monday, September 07, 2015

Stop lying Jesus Don't Like That

No one redefined marriage.

There is no new law; interpreting law is not activism.

The Supreme court said the14th Amendment applies to same sex couples applying for a civic marriage license, for which fee will now be equally collected.

Checkbox spouse legal like all. Not hand writ over any God.

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Hateful Jealous Wretch

Anything done from the decision forward by local government to prevent us from equally enjoying our court-backed civil rights is unlawful HARASSMENT, not mere discrimination.

Damages ensue.

Us being declared a civic family is not harassment against you because you still get to pray and sing and go to church alot and stuff. With no taxes paid!

We pay the clerk, and get mocked in public and denied our due. Not you. We get screwed AND harassed. Who's committing sin?

Don't care.

Who's bullying tax free where my taxes go?

Bless your heart.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Group Hug

They said never would come the day. My Facebook post today:

Status update: LEGALLY LEGIT

It was never about wordsmithing marriage. It was about the legal entity of us recognized so stately; my "partner" of over 25 years from coast to coast can now be called a spouse, and each entitled -- as family no more checking a "single" lie, the inheritance of house.

And home.

All the people we've had in! The ones built back walls when ours were down. Everyone loved to be around. Family yes, but how we needed pen.

Congrats Bobby Durand the day has come. The people weeping today, we know why.

Group hug.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Bash Shall Set You Free

On the recent story of thugs torturing a gay man... carving his skin like animals:

Nobody ever brings up the Holocaust. Well, some.

But weren't we also freed, the badged and beaten, murdered and equally concentrated to death camp?

Why does the Camp go on? It's a valid point.  Like the way half a star does down, pink.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Op-Ed Friday F*ck It

There is no such thing as a plural "religious liberties."

The word you need here is "freedom," singular. There is only ONE liberty... and like one justice and one pursuit of happiness, EQUALLY for ALL.

Just one Lady holds a torch aloft in NY harbor, not several ladies of Liberty and a multitude of different flames. That would be a mob. Which is figuratively now pitchforked outside my loving home.

The Supreme Law of the Land puts the burden on Government to not pass any law respecting a religion; in other words anyone is free to PRACTICE HIS RELIGION without interference of civic law. Not the other way around.

Sweet Tea is opposity apparently.

Do not let the devisive trick of political Party just make shit up and have you root along. Do not be idiot. I doubt dear Magistrates lead congregations over the Keurig in the licenses and deeds department of my taxdollar paid building. Put your thumb on the Psalm you left off on, stamp my application, and take my godamn fee.

You processing my little form does not impede your practice of religion. Aligning with its tenets is irrelevant to your sworn Oath of Duty to ALL citizens.

The break is over, get back to work.

Hey! I have deep religious beliefs about murder of innocents on my tax dollars, working hard just to have cable and fund lie writers and spies, secret eyes all miltary black ops ledger denied in an open Democracy. Gadzillions for an alphabet soup of acronymed agency staffed to the brim with prickless Mensa machines hellbent on quotient and hollow of humanity.

Yeah that frosts my convictions alright.

Hey NC assembly, where's my freakin' protection law to not have to pay taxes for that shit, and more importantly bow-tie, YOU?

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Burning First, I Emerged

Only for you with the cruel cold cast iron heart to heat mine iron core glowing hellfire hot once again. I'm sorry, who are you? You never went through its actual terrain, and yet think you can send me to Hell?

This song sums up how it feels to burn with denial and lies as a young gay male ... until  triumph is just Grace and desperation. The only choice in gay is yours. You who think I belong from which I emerged.

Know what? Stop hating honest others and throw all your deepest secrets down on the table now, before it's too late. And I think it might be for you already if you want to shoot me in the head or splash my bloody guts by any other means.

For being who I am.

Your flamingo sanded head never fellated the fragrant air of Spring dancing is what bashes me. Thank God, the Flood. Coral will you be, and I the Island home.

Link to...
BRONSKI BEAT "Screaming"

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Feds Seeing It Not Fags Defining It

Seems we gotta remind Mike Huckabarrel about "Supreme" Law and Being.

Nice try dollface. You got 'em clapping for the wrong thing. Black robes are debating the right for gay marriage to be recognized by the secular Federal government, not rewriting the Holy Bible.

Judgy robes and Bible stay clear of each other. No more! Correct it EVERY time you hear the "definition" argument.

Monday, April 06, 2015

Hot Cross Buns

So Easter is rise.

On this symbolic holiday for payoff in brutual sacrifice nailed to post I propose a thought on why the gay thing will not seem to die.  So much charge on this one still!

It's come down to Gay everything at event horizon cuz it's the last one we denied any proper reasoning to. Simple: Man worshiping man threatens the entire storyline they needed to return to Temple Hill.

Not long letters LGBT gay additive. I don't like being NRBQ or whatever if I left the others out. Homos. Us. One siders. "Queers" indeed.

The connection to sexual expression doesn't come until pubescent hormones settle down. It's what you think about upstairs while doodling down there to get off that defines it and I know everyone hides that.

If only NSA on every man in America masturbation greets... there'd be alot less anal from the dildo oopsie fingered accusation crowd.

In the Ass seems to a theme.

What is worhip? Humble pew? Singy song? Making others bend? The last thing any true Deity wants I imagine us blubbering idiots telling it is how mighty it is... from the very idiots it supposedly made. 

Insecurity is not Devine. Kinda messed up.

Strong men who know themselves and hard. Think about it. Centuries of men with men in ritual sexual passage more akin to esoteric initiation... anything Greek pillar or horse... shaman tent warrior busy in Tribe.

A calculated split of the soup was made of Man as Temple and rite so today we find ourselves arguing in circles about shooting gays on sight (by walk or talk or dick cigar apparently), pizza at weddings, refusing cake, maybe married but fire the Faggots whenever. So done.

I am tired of being defined differently each day. Imagine how it feels America!!

Don't even ask me or other gay people about the choice thing despite personal expertise in something called biography, not election of private parts party to join. 

Homo, sapiens Be!
This Easter we rise in Truth. 

Not freaks or sinners but healers of the magickal wound in ribcage Jesus soldier speared some destiny not NASA all Nazi I'm sure. Rocket scientist joke (as in you don't have to be), paper clip Opname oddly not staple together, SS relocation to USA Space Agency while the Hollywood name change met miltary cover and became complex indeed.

The language gives it all away. But nobody can keep up that much free association and that's just crazy. Cuz it's free.

And now it all makes sense to me at End of Pisces. All of me is world and any sickness its.

Glory be! Gory too! Ah, Men!

Muscle and power allegories worked well for a while but robbed by arny uniform and generally, clothes. The coming of the gun was dickish too. ;-)

Hollywood stole violence, amplified it so subliminally POV that you the camera get hit, and then rated its delicious coating all kinds of candy, sometimes even... graphic.

Porn took away the turn on itself, the intuition in your Wizard wand... between acting and willing bodies  and went all chocolate boxtop mapped on it.

True fantasy for niche nacks.

The gays though... I mean watch our adult stuff for men. Brutal sex and teens and punks all grabbing cash for bash and "Master."

UFC is hair away these days... boxing had soft gloves. I swear... I've seen the str8 bois like my stuff until erector sets came out big. Almost NFL.

In any case we faggots know well original formula to truly achieve Ecstasy in the mundane microcosm by pulsing through Big Bamg and seeing stars and explosions above with the rushing current of directed power and will to serve as lightning rod.

Clubs and restroom groupie fun.... church?

The giveaway is this. Torture should not be in both camps - porn and war - and yet here we are... right down to rectal hydration... anyway we drip to do some more.

The crucifix in every church so NOT churchy, kinda evil in its statue version sinewy and pierced but dignity swath for privates Jusus sack. Blood everywhere from the Bible flows.

Is it witches book?

Well if Jesus was into S&M a la Gibson street I'll safely say he did a spell. Nails through flesh a bleeding crown and forced to carry Mathew Shepard fence into to town the bashing to endure. Never beaten. Fags are bashed as babies were the cliff rocks Bible at the beach.

Something is wrong. Inside must be muder for all who hide lest be known a fag. And thus all shadows loosed now on this woeful world until every closet case Grindr other ax. Nature only manifests the Creator's will but for lies it does not have a word.

Logos is the Jesus out of cave, despite coffee stained Turin. The one true word has gotten OUT not the Man boy of Daddy God, reclaimed and right side seated above, with adversary left.

Not risen, sunk in. Blood and madness rush in like rivers to the the void and spell but no match to this one Word not designed for speech,  conjuring or propagation of ideation.

Alive the Creator is in breath and burns away pretense set domino till now. Like this inside out trick....

Murder in Syria not by the barrel but streetgang thug proxy tennis shoe attempt at army camouflage kicking citizens faces in. Every time they do it it's carnage for fun first and then slaughter from uniform. Only citizens die.

For hoots and iPhone hollars shared. Vicious cruel death dealt to common folk... governments don't declare war on each other any more because the people have been targeted as enemy.

Sustainable growth for killing apparatus and its market dictated this. The war on Terror suspiciously lacks the word "rests" in there but we'll sure have a Patriot law that consolidates ALL armed forces, emergency management, and spies.

The nukes leaked somewhere. Power is given.
Indeed the ruse revealed.
Look at the Mural BofA lobbyshock and Denver do tell ask what goes Socialism imagery have to do with elite ascension above the gameboard at mass expense of human life.

So tired of this concentration in my camp. The one Genocide that's branded. But felt triangle was there before, same pajamas,  same hideous starving eyes but where on these victims is cried "never again?" Certainly not on California or Indiana or even some Jerusalem a capital of borderless state.

So about this lifestyle of mine. The three dog country home new businness venture one or shitty chopsticks poor choice Jehova hut.

Yes in all this religiosity give me a SINGLE reason that "choice" of gay would be desirable and then explain why a closet would to hide in? Suicidal closeted teens?

This day I understand my obsession for roughie bully beat me up Scotty sex. Patient zero there I'm afraid. For Fear and pain inflicted on anomoly was conquered by Love with pain invoked on need to free dark things hiding below.

Names and spit on oh please. Respect? Insult?  Degradation only happens when there are stairs going up and down. Humilation relies on Devil thanking God "thats not me."

Filthy is where God hides, as its said, in sublimity. I love that word and when so named rejoice for every man relates.

Pure for purity some Eden of a "garden" lie an Ivory soap and not wildly growing things. How can dirty be a measure? Is clean truly antiseptic?

Polarity is reversing.

This is Easter a whole new way. Meaning is fading from "communication between points" to metaphors Neon large, Archtypes, with landlegs back finally full of themselves and not barnicled to behavior of the beast, now step down here from Unconcious clouds and run and run though sunny meadows like wild horses.

See, all Revelation ever talked about was the men riding them.

Huh. Pony play.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Banning People to Fight Congress

First, the 'freedom of religion' accused party is the government not its citizens. Righties, the protections you cite are not righted by banning neighbors from your life.

Fight Congress not ban people!

Congress shall make no law.
What Law has stopped you practicing your religion?

PRACTICING not believing.

Where does doing your job  impinge your "religious freedom?"

When you have to wait on pork eaters?


Long hairs and divorcees?

Cuz those be Bibly bad too. It's that you pick 'em where the discrimination part comes in.

And in no way does not serving "a kind" of person or people equal exercising the right to practice religion freely.

Unless you're singing the hymns all day doing your job and I get in the way of your program and prayer candle.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Doth Protest

Marry, ban and shoot the gays. Bullet in my head Mr. Rogers strong. Oh and don't let them eat cake. Bible says they don't get cake if you don't want.

Gay gay gay always gay, ever so obsessed gaiety of the straight.

And Narrow.

Genocide. Thievery and mass corruption, officer rape and slave trade milk carton blues.

Oh hey! There goes a gay!