Sunday, May 10, 2015

Burning First, I Emerged

Only for you with the cruel cold cast iron heart to heat mine iron core glowing hellfire hot once again. I'm sorry, who are you? You never went through its actual terrain, and yet think you can send me to Hell?

This song sums up how it feels to burn with denial and lies as a young gay male ... until  triumph is just Grace and desperation. The only choice in gay is yours. You who think I belong from which I emerged.

Know what? Stop hating honest others and throw all your deepest secrets down on the table now, before it's too late. And I think it might be for you already if you want to shoot me in the head or splash my bloody guts by any other means.

For being who I am.

Your flamingo sanded head never fellated the fragrant air of Spring dancing is what bashes me. Thank God, the Flood. Coral will you be, and I the Island home.

Link to...
BRONSKI BEAT "Screaming"

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Feds Seeing It Not Fags Defining It

Seems we gotta remind Mike Huckabarrel about "Supreme" Law and Being.

Nice try dollface. You got 'em clapping for the wrong thing. Black robes are debating the right for gay marriage to be recognized by the secular Federal government, not rewriting the Holy Bible.

Judgy robes and Bible stay clear of each other. No more! Correct it EVERY time you hear the "definition" argument.