Saturday, February 15, 2014

Some Flags are Just Rainbows

Oh Cupid... stupid though my bleeding heart.
thanks for sharing this EVIL COMMIE ticket to the End; this gateway to Idiocracy.

Dust the fag off this and it's quite easy really. Don't get your panties all twisted in a bunch my Nellies. Oh how they love to see the uppety queers squeal while the whole Republic goes under. Score!


And you "good citizens" had better watch it too, for where is the quote from our fearless President? Maybe he got snowed in too.

This is fuse more than ruse, for they will take the Law and run if they can. Both sides will.

This is not about East Bumfuck this is about THE STATE in which you live.

This is not about moral code in any belief, this is about LAW NOT WRITTEN as civil Law.

This is not about LIBERTY and FREEDOM, this about SHARIA LAW, only called Jesus.

This is about YOU. So my advice is this. Do not let the press do just that to the issue. Or to us between hardplaces and the Rock.

Zip it. None of us shall argue another single point than this:


No other words. Stick to that ONE ARGUMENT TO THE JUDGE and no more. No bedroom and bedlam brigade, no two cocks on a frostingtop, no more halfporn stories and pulpy pics of back alley bashing all bloody at the hands of varsity boys. No coroner's report of broken bones and numbered staples in the skulls. Those are instructions and no more.

CONGRESS SHALL MAKE NO LAW. And that goes too for state.

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