Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Marriage? I Thought We Just Fucked

I am SO tired of the gay marriage thing getting everyone distracted. JUST when we are starting to talk about the war and the economy someone shouts HEY LOOK AT THE QUEERS and a stampede ensues. Fuck election time. We don't need the right to get married. We just need the right to be the same.

How difficult is that?

You should ask yourself why the church has so much power in this government realm to begin with before you try to use it on gay people staying together longer than you can say divorce.

Friday, April 04, 2008

The Sky is So Gay

All damned day it's up there
working hard for you
One giant upper deck
made entirely of blue.

The Working blue.

But during diva Dusk I watch it
changing like a dancer 'round a fire
First this orange a crimson slight salmon
and then the final pyre...


Girl, the Sky really DOES comes out
before it dips down hard each night,
put to sleep for waking up before the stars,
and not bowing to the servitude of Light.