Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Clerk Judy

Yesterday a judge threw out the case in NC against SB2 ... Magistrates refusing gay or interracial couples marriage licence on religious freedom grounds.

Of which there are none. You go to church on Sunday and the government does not stop you. That's religious freedom.

They sign an oath to uphold Law on paper, not people or person. "By the power invested" is drawn from a collective agreement of the People promised equally to all citizens a legal license if they qualify by Law.

That is their ONLY power... to execute agreement of parties before Constitution and Law not personal belief.

If they have a problem doing their service their issue is with the big Doco telling them to do it not the people wanting equal access to the tax supported service across countertop.

That is a civic process to change that not a personal whimsy some worker!

The interacial and two gay couples so far denied justice should be offered tax discounts and damages no service as promised. The magistrates 6 months without pay, not banned from one task.

Church tricked you America into thinking its people are State when they serve government in roles!

On your own time not mine! That's your belief. Not in your job description.

It's the county who refuses by not meeting test of Law, not Mrs. Jones before her coffee break at Town Hall using sinner as a legal word.

The IRONY and INJURY to all citizens that Judge makes judge paid salary clerk down the hall. For just a few not liked by a person but totally eligible otherwise
by law.

Or, legalized bigotry.

And paying that pious clerk too.

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