Monday, September 17, 2018

Dance Godammit

So good blasting this song on the rainy porch during Hurricane Florence. Bobby is making breakfast and it's smelling like youth and home and New World ahead.

The shelter of storms regenerates.

I remember friends in college and elsewhere understanding what this song REALLY meant ("like at the factory") and danced with anger and intensity at it stomping around gothy pinned in pulse light when we went clubbing about in our beat up cars.

"The truth has become only half truth."

Nowadays I am called edgy (and gasp yes para-more) though not a Dolt 45 fan for oddly a Hillary lens not had. But I'll tell you what. I gots sweet maple syrup Sunday. I gots a hubbie stamped downtown, and family all around. Friends who came from afar like birds in a Disney cartoon to share love and magic at a golf cart wedding on an Island of rain.

"Some great reward," indeed.

Stay true my friends. You had it once. Remember how you danced in rain too.


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