Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Banning People to Fight Congress

First, the 'freedom of religion' accused party is the government not its citizens. Righties, the protections you cite are not righted by banning neighbors from your life.

Fight Congress not ban people!

Congress shall make no law.
What Law has stopped you practicing your religion?

PRACTICING not believing.

Where does doing your job  impinge your "religious freedom?"

When you have to wait on pork eaters?


Long hairs and divorcees?

Cuz those be Bibly bad too. It's that you pick 'em where the discrimination part comes in.

And in no way does not serving "a kind" of person or people equal exercising the right to practice religion freely.

Unless you're singing the hymns all day doing your job and I get in the way of your program and prayer candle.

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